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We tend to think differently about our business, compared to most other real estate firms. While they are in the business of selling real estate, we are in the business of earning—and rewarding—your trust. As we said, it’s personal. And therein lies a world of difference.

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Laurie d. - Fall 2017

I have no hesitation in recommending Jared. I had to be out of the country for the majority of the time my house was on the market. Jared went above and beyond his duties and took care of so many things for me, he was a tremendous help. He was always patient with my questions & very knowledgeable. Jared is true professional and a very reliable realtor.

Dan AND alana B. - Summer 2017

We worked with Jared when we were buying our house and again when we decided to sell that house and move out of the state.  It was an easy choice to ask Jared to help us again.  We consider ourselves fairly difficult clients but, in both situations, you would never have been able to tell while working with Jared.  He never showed any signs of frustration and always listened to our concerns no matter how many properties we asked him to see, how many questions we sent him or how many issues we presented to him.  

In short, Jared is a very knowledgeable and patient realtor that got us just what we wanted, listened to us and made the entire experience as easy as possible on us.  I would definitely recommend Jared to anyone looking for a realtor. If we ever decide to move back to Colorado, he will be the first person we call.

Bryan And Lauren J. - Summer 2017

We couldn't have asked for a better realtor! Jared was professional, patient and helped us through every step of buying our first home. The market in Denver can be intimidating and Jared made the entire process easy and exciting for us. He isn't just your realtor, he becomes your friend. We trusted Jared and he never let us down. We are so happy with our home and we highly recommend Jared and his team to anyone looking to sell or buy their home!

Scott And Cheryl M. - Summer 2017

Jared did a great job selling our home. He suggested a higher list price than we were anticipating and we sold the house quickly for just over the suggested list price. We could not have been more pleased with the entire process. I would not hesitate to recommend Jared to others and will certainly use him again in the future if the need arises.

Hunter w. - Summer 2017

Jared was extremely helpful in both selling my house and purchasing a new one. He guided me through the crazy Denver market to a beautiful new home. He worked hard to negotiate for me on properties that I liked and even helped steer me away from sub-par properties. I would recommend Jared to anyone looking to purchase a new home in the Denver Metro area regardless of budget or neighborhood.

jessica and brad d. - Spring 2017

Jared was great! We were buying from across the country and he was so helpful in zeroing in on a neighborhood and finding properties that fit our budget and wish-list. He previewed properties for us and guided us through the process from afar and helped us secure the perfect home for us.

Matt and ming M. - winter 2016

We were able to purchase a wonderful home in Denver through Steve and Jared. The process was simple and easy to understand. Very good at communicating back quickly. I'd recommend them to anyone that wants to live in the metro area.

Michael and moe j. - fall 2016

Jared was extremely knowledgeable and friendly. He always took extra time to explain anything that Moe and I had trouble understanding and he went above and beyond in order to make our first house purchase a pleasure. I would recommend him in a heartbeat.

CHRIS & Stephanie p. - SUMMER 2016

My wife and I worked with Jared Blank to buy our new home and could not have been more pleased with his services. He continually went above and beyond anything we expected. We asked Jared to help us find and purchase our home last winter. However we only had one day to fly in and look at houseswith him. He spent time getting background information from us about what kind of houses we were looking for. When the ONE day we had to look at houses came, Jared literally had dozens of houses lined up for us to view. Despite the very tight housing market, Jared was able to find several great options and helped guide us through the process of purchasing our first home. He had incredible knowledge of the market, was easy to work with and responsive to our needs. This would have been enough to earn his 5 star ranking. However, he continued to blow us away even during the closing process. After signing our contracts we left the country for our several weeks. While we were out of phone contact several issues came up which should have well killed our deal. However Jared went far beyond what was expected for a realtor. He personally called mortgage brokers, contractors, sellers agents etc to make sure the deal did not fall apart. For example our mortgage banker failed to acquire documents from the seller in the time frame required. Jared personally tracked these down and delivered them to the bank. He helped arrange our homeowners insurance, inspections etc all while communicating with us via email. Without his service and dedication we would not be in our home today. I would unequivocally recommend Jared Blank and his partners to anyone


Even in today's market we were blown away by the response to our listing and incredibly satisfied with the price and terms we settled on. This was all due to Jared's knowledge of what the local market would bear along with a keen eye towards timing all aspects of the listing perfectly (photos,  marketing materials, etc.) He dealt with a few bumps along the way and kept us on track until closing. He was present for every step and made the process very smooth for us as sellers. Would highly recommend.

Sam and Liz M. - SPRING 2016

The Blanks outshine the competition! Incredibly easy to work with and they follow through with everything they say. The Blanks were able to obtain almost $30k more in sales price than what we were quoted from another broker. Not to mention we were under contract within four days of listing the property.


I am new to Denver and needed someone I could trust 100%. Steve and Jared were exactly what I needed. They worked seamlessly together and were very responsive to all my needs. They helped me find the perfect home for my needs and stayed within my budget. It was very clear that they put my best interest before their own. They will be first one I call with any future real estate needs. I highly recommend them.


Steve and Jared were wonderful to work with and were a huge help in finding the right place to live in Denver, CO. When I began looking for a property, I was new to town and they were able to give me great advice on what neighborhoods would meet my needs. They narrowed my list of options to a number that was manageable, helped me to negotiate when my favorite property was priced beyond my reach, and made the sometimes overwhelming closing process seem easy. I would definitely recommend working with them and will be a repeat customer in the future.


I have moved over a dozen times, and Steve and Jared were the best buyer's agents I have ever had. They were very prepared at every stage of the process and very patient and supportive when the first house I put an offer on fell through after the inspection. Hard to imagine you can find any  better in Denver

Merrie K. - Fall 2015

Working with the Blanks was a pleasure. Their strategy for selling my mother's home was terrific and really brought in a good price. Unfortunately, there were several bumps in the road as we drew two flaky buyers, through no fault of theirs. The Blanks stayed right on top of everything, stayed in contact with other folks interested in the home and succeeded in getting the house back under contract to our ultimate buyer in a matter of days after our second flake pulled out. Kudos all around.

Ryan and Libby - Summer 2014

Jared was highly recommended to us by several friends. His clear expertise and lightning-quick responsiveness impressed my wife and me from our first interaction. Simply put, my wife and I had been avoiding buying a house for over a year because we were so nervous about the process that we had heard would be drawn out, painful, irritating, and exhausting. With Jared's guidance and support, the home-buying process was actually pleasant! Because Jared listened so well when we first met to discuss what we were looking for in our dream house, we were able to find it in just over two weeks! I've already recommended Jared to several friends because the experience for my family and me was so positive.

Calvin and Shoko - Summer 2014

It was a pleasure working with Jared and Steve through what can be a very stressful yet exciting home buying process in this difficult market. They quickly understood on my tastes, and we didn’t waste time seeing houses that were a bad fit. Jared’s background in architecture was awesome when helping me to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of a house, and Steve’s extensive experience working in the Denver market was invaluable when trying assess the market value of a home. It was rather impressive seeing house after house sell within a few thousand dollars of what they predicted. So when it came time for me to submit an offer, I was certainly glad to have them on my team. But really, the best part of working with Jared and Steve was how effective they were at making what can be an overwhelming process seem easy and manageable. They’re extremely friendly and so easy to work with, and I really trusted that they had my best interests at heart. It was obvious that they genuinely wanted to find me a house that I loved…which they did! At the end of the day, I couldn’t have asked for better home buying experience!

Chris and Julie - Spring 2014

Julie and I couldn't have asked for a better real estate agent when buying our new home. Jared was very knowledgeable about locations and home types, a skilled negotiator when under contract, and graciously accommodated our ever-changing requests about the home we were seeking. When we walked in the door of our new place it immediately felt like home, and that was Jared's expertise at work. Have Jared help you find your perfect home, or you're missing out.

Adam and Megan Tallman - Fall 2013

Both Steve and Jared brought a different set of skills to the table that complimented each other perfectly during our first home buying adventure. Honestly, we could not imagine a more pleasant experience for something that usually gets bad labels associated to it. Although we had done our own research ahead of time, we found ourselves going with their referrals and expertise, time and time again. Steve and Jared went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and to build a trusting relationship, so that we were able to make confident and decisive choices. Our only regret is that we don't know more home buyers to recommend Steve and Jared to! Thanks you two!

Pierre and Anne-Marie - Fall 2013

Pierre and I would like to thank you for your help in finding a home for our family. Not only you have helped make the process run smoothly, but also your dynamic duo made it enjoyable. We are lucky to have you on our side to discover Denver. Also, what a great final touch with the Zoo and the Botanical Gardens memberships. Simon absolutely loves the Carousel and we will now enjoy as often as we can. As promised, you are the first ones on our list for the House Warming party. As always, all our best regards, Anne-Marie, Pierre and Simon

Abby and Andrea - Summer 2013

As first-time home buyers my partner and I did some preliminary house hunting with a couple of brokers before a co-worker highly recommended Jared. His knowledge of the local market and professionalism was immediately apparent. Coupled with Steve's support, Jared offered the perfect combination of friendliness, responsiveness and patience for these newbies. We found the perfect home, even faster than expected, and Jared was there to guide us through to closing. We will continue to recommend Jared and Steve and look forward to working with them again someday.

Kevin and Lorraine - Summer 2013

It was a pleasure looking for a home with you. You are both so knowledgable and complimentary. We had a lot of fun in the process and we are very happy with the choice you helped us arrive at. Thanks again for everything! Fondly, Kevin and Lorraine 

Adam & Westyn - Summer 2013

My wife and I were relocating from the Boston area to Denver. We got Steve and Jared Blank's names from a mutual friend and contacted them to find out more about the real estate market in Denver. We have worked with several brokers in the past, and none have compared to Steve and Jared in terms of their overall knowledge of the market and ability to focus on the aspects of houses that were important to us. They were both always honest and upfront, which helped to save us time and to pick the best home for our family. We never felt pressured throughout the entire process (we ended up buying a property at a price we felt was very reasonable). More than that we never really felt that we were dealing with "real estate agents", but with friends. A couple of extenuating circumstances have delayed our move, and Jared and Steve have gone above and beyond to help us out. We cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you for everything. Adam and Westyn 

Todd H. - Summer 2013

I worked with Jared to sell my LoDo loft in July 2013. I found Jared (and the added support from Steve) honest, helpful and direct. He was able to help me navigate the selling process with ease and I knew he had my best interest in mind at all times. I would not hesitate to recommend Jared to any potential seller or buyer. Thank you, Todd Harris

Tyler and Ashlee - Summer 2013

Working with Jared and Steve was an absolute pleasure. Jared took the time to get to know what we were looking for in a house, and made sure that the houses he showed us fit our needs. It was so nice to work with someone who was honest, and was always looking out for our best interest. We hit a few snags in the road with our lender and Jared fought for us and got the deal completed. I would not hesitate to recommend Jared to anyone looking to buy or sell a house!

Max and Erin S.- Spring 2013

I would like to take this opportunity to strongly recommend Steve and Jared Blank for their services in the Real Estate Industry. My wife and I just finished the process of buying our fist home, and every step of the way Steve and Jared were amazing. We first started looking for a home with a carriage house. This is an uncommon property in Denver, but Steve and Jared were still able to find us properties to look at, and eventually one that we made an offer on. Due to circumstance we had to pull of out of deal in the twelfth hour. Once we were again in the place to buy a house we reached out to Steve and Jared to see if they were interested in working with us again. Despite the outcome of the first situation, they eagerly agreed. This time around they were just as good as the first. They showed us home after home. All good options, none were just right. Both my wife and I got discouraged, but Steve and Jared kept a good attitude, and kept bringing us houses to look at. Jared examined properties with us, and was the voice of reason. Several times we were close to settling on a house and Jared and Steve brought up points that we were overlooking in our eagerness to find a home. We truly value their honesty and integrity for finding a great property for us, as opposed to just trying to make the sale. When we thought it was hopeless, Jared found a home the day it went on the market. We were the first ones to look at it and immediately fell in love. Jared rushed everything so we could be the first to put in an offer. He negotiated the terms and we were able to settle on a contract. During the closing there were many issues with our lender, but Steve and Jared were there every step of the way. Jared checked in with us daily, and called the lender religiously to work towards making our closing date. He kept our spirits up, was kind and courteous with all of our ignorant questions, and helped us make the most important buy of our lives. If I ever buy another house I will only use Steve and Jared. If any family members need a house I will push them to use Steve and Jared, as I have already recommended several friends. I have learned that buying a house can be difficult, confusing, and strenuous, but having Steve and Jared in our corner made it all work out. What more can I say, they are great people and they are great at what they do! With much gratitude NEW HOME OWNERS! Max and Erin Segall

Dmitriy, Amber, and Mia Kamenetskiy - Summer 2012

"Jared and Steve went above and beyond any reasonable expectations to ensure that we got into our first house while maintaining the constraints of our budget. I feel extremely fortunate that I had them on my side throughout the whole process. The following highlights the main qualities/characteristics that describe our experience with Jared and Steve: Professional: Through every step of the process, they made sure that we had a good understanding/awareness of what was taking place and why. This was extremely helpful for first time home buyers like us. Jared determined the exact parameters we were looking for in a house before we did! He knew exactly what we wanted and how much we wanted to spend. He also exhibited an outstanding knowledge/understanding of local real estate markets and trends. If we had a specific question that they were unable to answer, they found a professional who addressed the question ASAP. Tactful/Considerate: Never once during the entire process we felt pushed/rushed or guided into a decision. Jared and Steve presented whatever an issue was with as little bias as possible and asked us for what we wanted to do. Even when we disagreed on topics, our decisions were respected and implemented. Communication: Incredible. Jared or Steve provided clear and timely updates (we went through a short sale) on where we were in the process. Any of our questions/concerns/comments were addressed within hours via either a call, a text or an email. Bottom line is this, not only Jared and Steve outstanding professionals but also are genuinely kind and intelligent people. We felt extremely fortunate to have them on our side. We went through a very difficult short sale that almost fell through on multiple occasions. Jared and Steve spent a lot of time and energy just to ensure that our daughter and us had our dream house. Thank you guys from all three of us for making our dream come true. We are very grateful and appreciative of the work you did! Regards, Dmitriy, Amber, and Mia Kamenetskiy"

Philip and Alex z. - Summer 2012

“Our experience with Steve and Jared was outstanding. They were very professional, courteous, knowledgeable and always on time to every appointment. They also did a great job listening to what we wanted in a home as well as taking the time to thoroughly explain things that we did not understand. We would highly recommend Steve and Jared.”

Kelly P. - Jan 2012

"Had a great experience working with both Steve and Jared. They were hands on, knowledgeable, and helped sell our place quickly. I would recommend both of them"

Aaron and Shelly M. - Fall 2011

“This was my first time buying a house. I found both Jared and Steve to be very knowledgeable and honest. As a first time home buyer they made me feel comfortable the whole way through my transaction and explained things very well. I felt Jared and Steve had my best interest in mind at all times and worked hard on my behalf to make sure I bought the right house at the right price. I would highly recommend Jared and Steve to anyone I know looking for real-estate and will definitely use them again when looking to purchase or sell a house.”

Drew and Sara H. - Fall 2010

“As a first time homebuyer, we had a lot to learn regarding the home ownership process. Our agents guided us through the whole process with patience, expertise, and knowledge of the entire process. Without Steve/Jared, we couldn't have gotten such a great deal on our home. I'd recommend the Blank's to any first-time homebuyer!”

Brian and Brie D. - Summer 2010

“Our agents were knowledgable about our location and what we wanted for our first home. They worked diligently to get the first time home buyer credit even though we had limited time to close. I am very happy with our experience and have recommended the Blank's to other potential home buyers.”